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Ernest Cannon’s ranches and cattle operations have extended far beyond Texas and New Mexico across both the Southwest and the Southeast United States. Windy Hill Ranch counts as a prime example of one of his former properties.


This 3,005-acre ranch, which sits just outside Madisonville in East Texas, offers a complete package of beautiful scenery, good deer hunting, water tanks, barn, hay pastures, and working pens. In the several years that he operated this ranch, Cannon focused on selecting the finest Brahman female genetics he could obtain, crossing those females with high-performing Hereford bulls to produce some of the top F1 females in the United States.

Cows in pasture at J Bar F Ranch

J Bar F Ranch is one of the many properties currently owned by Ernest Cannon. The ranch, named after the beloved, prize-winning cutting horse Jae Bar Fletch, encompasses 4,000 acres in the town of Paluxy, just northeast of Stephenville TX (where Cannon maintains his law practice). As an ideal area for hunting whitetail deer, J Bar F offers three-day hunt packages complete with lodging facilities.


You can view more details about J Bar F’s amenities and prices here.

Ernest Cannon posing with cows at J Bar F Ranch
The Ranch
Ernest Cannon and Jae Bar Fletch
Jae Bar Fletch


Jae Bar Fletch Ranch
Jae Bar Fletch Ranch
Paluxy, TX
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